7 Tips for Achieving Energy Balance

By WebMD|Apr.15,2020

Here are some more tips for striking the right energy balance:

  •    Reshape your plate. Increase the proportion of vegetables, salads, fruits, beans, and whole grains to cover two-thirds of your plate.
  •    Fill the other third of the plate with lean meats and poultry, fish (especially fatty fish like tuna or salmon), or low-fat dairy.
  •    Make sure your portions are under control. Once in a while, get out the food scale and measuring cups to remind yourself of what a normal portion should look like.
  •    Schedule your exercise first thing in the morning so it won't get crowded out of your day.
  •    Alternate your exercise activities (maybe try a new class) so you won't get bored and your muscles will get a better workout.
  •    Power past any weight loss plateaus by increasing the intensity of your workouts. Try turning up the incline on the treadmill, or adding speed intervals to your exercise bike routine.
  •    Keep track of what you eat in a food journal to avoid unconscious overeating.

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